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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wanted- 1 very special Stevens Favorite rifle

Many decades ago, I received as a gift from my Dad, a 22LR Stevens Favorite rifle. It was the only gun my Dad ever gave me and I was mighty proud of it. I was probably 12 when I received this neat little rifle. Dad had searched out and found an entire rifle with an already shortened stock, just the right size for me at the time while searching for a replacement stock that he could shorten for a Stevens he already owned. Sadly and stupidly, in about 1976, I sold the rifle to an unknown buyer through my first wife's uncle. It might have been as big a mistake as I've ever made. I sold it in north eastern Ohio.

Anyway, I want the rifle back. I'm willing to pay. The rifle is unique and if anyone has ever seen it, they would recognize that the collectors value today has been ruined because the frame has been nickel plated. My Grandfather had to take the gun for a while during my ownership to make a new firing pin for it and while he had it, he talked somebody in the plating shop where he worked to nickel plate the frame and the lever. It's not polished like chrome but is a very nice shiny matte silver. I don't believe any of the other parts were plated. It also has an ivory dot tipped front sight which I now know was not the typical Stevens Favorite front sight. I believe my rifle was a takedown model.

I have searched the internet gun seller sites and auctions for a couple years. I've even advertised in the local papers back there in Ohio hoping to find the current owner without success. Before I buy a 2nd Savage Model 30 Stevens replica and build one that looks like my old rifle, I'm turning back to the internet to see if this unique Stevens Favorite can be located. Have you seen my rifle? Do you know who has it tucked into the back of a gun safe somewhere? If you do, will you please get in touch with me immediately? You can contact me any time through

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